Where are they now?

The following North Bay Elite Alumni have gone on to excel in Women's Basketball, competing at the NCAA Division I, II, NAIA and Community College levels.  Congratulations on all of your accomplishments!

Hailey "Chief" Vice-Neat, Class of 2017, Boise State University
Lauren Walker, Class of 2017, University of Portland
Kylie Kiech, Class of 2015, Sonoma State University
Taylor Acosta, Class of 2012 Sonoma State University
Ashton Beth, Class of 2012, University of Redlands
Shayna Levine, Class of 2012, College of Marin
Kendra Newton, Class of 2012, Mendocino College
Elisa Vargas, Class of 2012, Mendocino College
Hannah Dolan, Class of 2011, William Jessup University
Whitney Edens, Class of 2011, University of Hawaii-Hilo
Arianna Hanson, Class of 2011, Master's College
Jordan Henry, Class of 2011, Portland State University/Cal Poly Pomona
Anandi Jiminez, Class of 2011, Cal State Dominguez Hills
Katy Lowry, Class of 2011, Southern Oregon University
Molly Schuster, Class of 2011, Southern Oregon University
Cara Watts, Class of 2011, William Jessup University
Cynthia Arata, Class of 2010, Portland State University
Jenna Reed, Class of 2010, Santa Rosa Junior College
Bronte Sheahan, Class of 2010, Sonoma State University
Jen Tsurumoto, Class of 2010, UC Irvine