North Bay Elite Basketball Club (NBE) is dedicated to providing student-athletes with the skills to achieve academic and athletic excellence at the high school level and beyond. Members of NBE have demonstrated that they are more than just dedicated basketball players, but dedicated students as well. Ultimately, it is our goal to promote life-long success in the players who are a part of our program, which spans far beyond what can be achieved on a basketball court.

On the court NBE is focused on helping players develop the skills that will not only help them reach college-level competition, but have success once they're there. This is achieved through hard work and dedication, as well as focusing on details of the game. It is very important to us as a coaching staff that all of the players who are a part of NBE undergo constant improvement. Not only do we teach players the physical skills that will help them reach their full potential and compete at a high level, but we also focus on developing the mental side of the game, which includes decision-making, strategy, mental toughness, and resiliency.


Where We Fit In


One aspect we, as a coaching staff, pride ourselves on is our own balance between academic and athletic pursuits. Not only do we have high standards for our players, but we hold ourselves to those standards as well. While many of us have competed at the highest level of high school and college basketball, we have also worked very hard to educate ourselves in Exercise Physiology and Sports Psychology. There are many factors that should be taken into consideration when working with a group of athletes that reach far beyond skills and strategy, including strength training, proper nutrition and adequate recovery. Imbalances in any of these areas can lead to injury, sickness and psychological struggles.

Furthermore, we believe very strongly in a healthy balance between constructive criticism and encouragement. The most important skill that any player (and person) can have is confidence. Thus, as coaches our role is to not only demand greatness, but to help our athletes discover that greatness resides within themselves.

Recognize and Reflect


As players every time we stepped foot on a basketball court we were taught to approach it as a learning experience. In other words, you should leave every workout session, practice and game feeling like you have grown in some way. This requires both recognition and reflection. First, players must recognize their strengths as well as their weaknesses--both overall and for a given performance. Second, players must reflect on how they are going to utilize their strengths and improve upon their weaknesses in order to experience individual and team success. At North Bay Elite we embrace players who are willing to put in the time and effort to improve.

Play Hard!!!


Despite its complexities basketball is an extremely simple sport as long as players keep in mind one very simple rule: Play Hard!!!! Here at NBE we pride ourselves on our hard work and toughness. While wins and losses tend to be a superficial measurement of a team's performance, the sport truly is about much more than a team record. It's about playing the game the right way. If you give 100% effort every time you step on the basketball court you have already won, regardless of the outcome on the scoreboard.